Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hats off.

I have a confession to make,

I love baby hat.

I mean seriously I'm obsessed with them.

Especially with ears,

Or hand made,

Or hand made and with ears.

Better yet, baby gnome hats.

Even little bed time pilot caps.

And to double the love and baby obsessions, baby hats while babywearing.

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Rythm Method

My desk at my Grandparents' farm
Writing hasn't been happening lately.  Truthfully there are a lot of things that haven't been happening lately.  And it isn't because of crying babies, dirty diapers or lack of sleep, or any other trapping of Motherhood.  I couldn't figure it out.  My writing had been declining for months, I mean month and months, in fact everything I do had been tapering off or had not been happening.  Since I had moved from Connecticut all of my creative endeavors had just been lagging.  And I couldn't figure it out.  Turi and I had a lengthy discussion about it today, with no real resolution. But I kept thinking, and muddling, and finally laying in bed it came to me.

When I was living a single life my time was my own, my world was my own I had my own rhythm.  It may have been an unconventional one, but it was my rhythm.  It included time for thoughts and creation, quiet personal refection, and all the other things people have to do.  It even included time to just sit outside everyday.  When I moved in with my husband, gone where the nights of sitting outside thinking at midnight. 
The start of an embroidery project

He never asked me to change my ways, I just did.  But instead of creating a new rhythm for myself I just floundered about; doing what ever, when ever. 

The Waldorf Movement focuses heavily on a child's daily rhythm; wake, dress, eat, playtime, story time, nap... and on goes the day, one thing flowing into another.  There is a day for baking and for washing, each day has a colour and even a grain associated with it.  It may seem like a rigid structuring, but it is not.  It is like breath; you breath in and concentrate on something with in, you breath out and move within the world around you. In and out all day, your breath exchanges and your rhythm continues.

This is what I need, this is what my baby needs, and this is what my art needs.  Over the next few weeks I am going to try to establish a rhythm for my family.  I'm going to be using a traditional Waldorf rhythm and adapt it and integrate it into my world. Hopefully this will improve things here.  And you all can see it's implementation in action.