Thursday, September 1, 2016

All Summer Long

Today is September 1st (ok honestly it's late enough at night that it's probably technically the second by now but regardless it's the start of September) and I have been waiting for this day all Summer. Why? Not the start of school, or the return of all things pumpkin spice, but because I can finally stop feeling guilty over the fact that all I can think about is the coming Autumn.  Besides planning for the arrival of an October baby, my focus all Summer has been only on the Fall.  My rhythm has been off and I have had no joy in this current season.
From one of last year's Autumn adventures.

I should start by explaining that Summer is my least favorite season; I love it for what it is and some of the things it brings.  But I just don't do heat, or humidity, or that burning thing in the sky that replaces the sun.  I enjoy planting a vegetable garden, but we didn't have the new beds built in time this year.  I love our yearly reenactment camping trip, but we didn't take it this year for various reasons.  I look forward to cool grass in my toes, evenings under the stars, fresh air, but it has been too hot and humid for even being outside in the evening.  And yes being very pregnant and even more heat intolerant is not helping.

Looking out from the top of Bowman's Hill Tower,
Washington Crossing PA
And so I have spent all Summer waiting for the days were the evenings become longer and cooler, where it's acceptable to start putting out gourds and making apple flavored desserts (my vote for the true flavor of Fall).  I look forward to returning to the outside, opening the windows again, and not hiding inside.  Soon my internal rhythm will once again sync up with natures and all will be at peace. And then there will be cool weather and blazing trees, and I'll really be happy.

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