Monday, August 1, 2016

Growing Some More

Our very subtle baby announcement came a month
before we moved in to our new home.
Things have changed since I last sat down and looked at my blog. We have finally move into our new house even though it is still unfinished (but that's another post). And we have been blessed with the surprise of adding one more to our family.  This little mama is growing another little person.

I was hoping to use this as an opportunity to write post upon post about being pregnant, and waiting for baby.  But honestly this time is a lot different.  Our whole situation is different.  We are just as excited, but there is no time for naval gazing and reading about baby names when you have a house to complete and are trying to keep a toddler from climbing the drapes.  We haven't been as social and I'm not working outside the house; so there is no one to ask how I'm doing or if they can touch my belly.  I am not having a baby shower and there is no long registry.  I haven't been as good about eating a high nutrient diet or doing my prenatal yoga.  There is no birthing class or pile of Mommy Magazines.

And part of me feels really guilty.  I really thought it was going to be a magical little time, like it was with Jellybean. And I wonder if some how this little boy is just getting gypped.  I know he will be just as health and loved as Jellybean, but I do still worry that some how it is effecting him.  I guess part of my job as a mother is to worry about these things. But really I just feel guilty, and sad for him.

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